High Ticket Sales is the Best Way To Monetize Your Expertise 
Written by Adura
So at this point you've made the decision that you want to sell your expertise online. Now there are alot of different options for you. You can start a podcast. You can do live events. You can make tons of free content on youtube and IG. You can try to find affiliates to promote your stuff. 
The list goes on and on and on. You can sell ebooks and courses for 97-197 bucks. 

My preferred method for selling online is High ticket sales. High ticket sales is the art of selling your coaching/consulting/services for premium money. The definition of premium money is 3-10k+. There is this misconception that you can only sell low ticket items. There's an even bigger misconception that in order to sell high ticket, that you must sell a whole bunch of small meaningless items to warm up your customer. 

Screw that ! I'm of the opinion, that you should sell your premium service to people who want to get major results. Here are the reasons why

1. Selling high ticket allows you to have the top clients. Have you ever dealt with super annoying low ticket customers before? It's terrible. High ticket allows you to go after the cream of the crop clients that are serious about investing in themselves. 

2. Easy to set up: My high ticket funnel literally consists of about 5 web pages. You don't have to be a marketing/funell guru to set it up.

3. ROI: You're able to get major returns on your ad spend. If you're selling a 3k coaching program, imagine if it takes you $500 to acquire a customer. Your basically spending $500 and getting $2500 back. How many times would you want to rinse and repeat that process? 

4. Less Stress: If you are selling a $97 product. How many of those do you have to sell to generate 50k per month? If you're selling a 5k product, how many do you have to sell to hit 50k? Just 10! 

5. Impact: When you're selling high ticket you're able to really invest your time and efforts into getting your clients the best results! 

If you're not currently selling hight ticket...what's stopping you? 

Adura Sanya

Adura helps experts start and grow successful coaching/consulting businesses. He is an expert at teaching people how to Extract, Package, and Sell Their Expertise for High Ticket Prices.

If you're interested in starting/growing your own coaching/consulting business then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.

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