Don't Be a Busy Bee! Focus is Everything When Selling Online
Written by Adura
Being an online marketer represents one of the greatest opportunities to generate revenue. Think about it. Lets rewind back to the 1970s-1990's. Think about the super high barrier to entry if the regular average joe wanted to start a business. Think about all the hoops you would have to jump through. Think about the lack of data available. How expensive was it to market via TV or radio. 

Now let's come back to present day 2019. Literally anyone with a computer can start an online business within a few hours. The barrier to entry is super low now. I can research, target, and place an advertisement in front of ideal customers in minutes. Life is good! 

Well, unfortunately there is always a downside. The downside to this amazing opportunity on the internet is: there's toooo much opportunity. Yes! I said it. There are too many options. Too many gurus pulling you in too many directions. 

One guy is telling you to spend hours and hours building a blog and fancy website

Another guy is telling you do post 30 videos a day on instagram

This other guy is telling you to facebook live videos all day

Someone is telling you to master the art of podcasting. 

This other guy is telling you to sell ebooks for 49 bucks. 

The internet is literally one big mine field. It's up to you to actually choose with model works best for you. Otherwise you will continue being dragged in 80 different directions. 

That's not good, especially when you're just getting started. 

In my opinion the best online model is consulting/coaching. 

It beats out all of these other methods that rely on you "building your audience. 

A coaching/consulting business powered by paid traffic is the best thing thats happened since sliced bread. 

Imagine being able to get in front of your ideal customers and charge them 3-10k to help them solve their problems. 

Adura Sanya

AAdura helps experts start and grow successful coaching/consulting businesses. He is an expert at teaching people how to Extract, Package, and Sell Their Expertise for High Ticket Prices.

If you're interested in starting/growing your own coaching/consulting business then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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