OK! People Keep Asking Me: How Did I Do X...What Do I Do Now?
Written by Adura
Ok! It's very likely that if you have reached a level of success in your business...that people start asking you certain questions. Questions like: hey how do i get started doing what you're doing or "how did you do X. These are the same type of questions that i started getting back in 2011-12. I had built a very successful real estate investing from the ground up. Naturally this brought on tons of interest from people that wanted to also be real estate investors. 

This is the progression for most people in this position. You've spent several years building out your business. Whether it's real estate, marketing, relationship advice, business, fitness....
You have spent all this time essentially mastering your craft. You have been through the bumps and bruises. You've likely lost money, made tons of mistakes, gotten grey hairs, weathered the storm, and ultimate found success. This my friend: qualifies you as an expert. 

Regardless of your field of mastery, there are people out there that want to learn how to do the thing that you've mastered. You might be reading this and feel skeptical. That's fine. Let's examine this. 

Let's say your area of expertise is facebook marketing. You have successfully mastered the area of paid advertising via Facebook. At this point you know Facebook marketing like the back of your hands. Let's rewind though. Remember back in the day when you knew nothing about Facebook Ads. Think about how bad you wanted to learn facebook. Now lets go deeper...think about WHY you wanted to succeed with Facebook marketing. 

It's likely because you wanted to attain financial freedom. You wanted to have an impact. You wanted to take care of your family. 

Now think about the the person that is just starting out with Facebook Marketing. Think about all the mistakes that they are going to make. The money they are going the loose. The problems that they are going to have IF they go at it alone. Now think about how easy it would be for you to guide this Facebook newbie on the proper path to success. Let's remove the "facebook" example and replace it with whatever your business is. 

You might or might not know this right now, but your journey to mastery has created the ultimate side business. This is the business of coaching/consulting. 

Your road to mastery has given you the ability to give people a proven blueprint on how to attain success. 

In my case it allowed me to sell my expertise in the form of coaching/consulting packages at $5-30,000 prices. 

Adura Sanya

Adura helps experts start and grow successful coaching/consulting businesses.  He is an expert at teaching people how to Extract, Package, and Sell Their Expertise for High Ticket Prices.

If you're interested in starting/growing your own coaching/consulting business  then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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